Waxing: Hair Removal Method

The waxing is a method of hair removal  among the most famous and appreciated by many women (and men) in 2016 being quite cheapand long-lasting results . Unlike the more common method of hair removal, the razor, it allows counting of results which can last up to four weeks is not limited to cut the hairs, but pulling them out.

It has its advantages, as we have seen, but also the cons: the best known is the pain , especially when you have lots of thick hair and quite difficult to remove. Unlike the ‘ pulsed light hair removal , for example, the follicles are not closed for this reason, in the early days, the hair will grow back normally, with no obvious differences of color or density.

Over time, the results of waxing in strength to tear follicles of follicles, the hair will tend to be minor and will be visible.

How do the waxing in 2016

The waxing can be done in a beauty salon or a beauty salon so relying on expert hands. However, many women prefer to do it in your own home , for economic issues and time .

Warm wax

E ‘among the most popular types of waxing because it can remove many hairs together and alleviate the hassle of tearing thanks to the action of heat.

The wax, which is solid at room temperature, is heated so as to be spread in an appropriate container wax heater that maintains the temperature. The optimal temperature of the wax varies from product to product, but it is always better to not exceed 50 ° C to avoid of burning .

Once spread hot wax to remove the hair on the area along the direction of hair growth, wait a few seconds for it to cool down slightly and to ensure that the hairs remain literally trapped inside. At this point, with a special strip, simply tear in the opposite direction of hair growth to get a portion of the skin smooth.

If they were to remain traces of wax on the skin it will be enough only to clean the area with an oily cleanser that also acts as an emollient.

Cold waxing

The cold waxing requires less accessories in order to be made on any part of the body. This practice, in fact, can be carried out by buying the depilatory strips containing already the cold wax , to be heated by rubbing their hands or on a heat source such as a radiator.

In this case it is not necessary to request the help of either a professional or of any other, there is the risk of burning and it isautonomous to 100% , of the rest, however, this method is less effective than the hot , not all the hair is torn and the need to intervene with tweezers to remove those residues. Being designed exclusively for the do-it-yourself and not requiring too much time for preparation, it is good to treat the most sensitive areas, including the upper lip and groin.

Waxing for delicate areas

Shave with waxing the most delicate parts of the body, such as intimate areas , underarms and face , can be frightening.However, those accustomed to the razor will find the description of the family rather unpleasant feeling of irritation and itching that is felt on the most delicate parts of the body after being shaved; this aspect with hair removal through waxing is no longer a problem.

With waxing cold you will not have problems of any kind, apart from the feeling of pain and discomfort that is generally felt when ripping a depilatory strip. To ease the pain you can take a hot shower before waxing and exfoliate the areas to be treated at least two days before.

To shave the groin area you should use a mirror to see the best the area to be treated . It is always important not to shave in the two weeks prior to hair removal and shorten, eventually, the hair with the scissors if they are too long.

Both in the case of warm wax in that of waxing cold, whether between a tear and the other felt a lot of pain on the delicate depilando you are, take a break and wait for the burning is over. To remove loose hairs can use tweezers and clean the delicate parts without hair with a cleansing oil suitable.

It is also advisable to make a scrub after two days of waxing for delicate areas.

Waxing as you do and what you need

Depending on the type of waxing you want to do, whether hot or cold, will need different things.

For the warm wax is necessary:

  • A wax heater quality
  • of special paper strips for hot depilation
  • Swab rubbed wax
  • Wax

Before proceeding with warm wax , we should spend on problem areas a bit ‘of talcum powder ; with the swab to spread the wax is applied a layer as long as the hair removal strip and tear against the nap.

A tip : when torn off the strip do not raise your arm, or you risk to take away also skin.

For cold waxing is necessary:

  • Pack of cold depilatory strips
  • Cleansing Oil (often included with depilatory strips themselves)

To better warm the cold depilatory strips, you can be used, in addition to the traditional method of rubbing between the hands, the hair dryer. The depilation procedure is then as such to that of the warm wax.

Top Facial Epilators 2016

Facial epilator in 2016 is different from the common epilator that you use for the rest of the body. Generally, these products are much more thin and fine that you can work in very sensitive areas and which require the utmost precision, as philtrum and eyebrows.

  • The 1st device in the world with a cleaning brush for the face and hair remover.
  • Epilator for the face: thin head for precise epilation, with 10 micro cracks to capture the finer hairs.
  • cleaning brush for the face: Gently deep cleanses thanks to micro-oscillations.Testa from dermatologists.Tested on sensitive skin. Suitable for everyday use.
  • Facial hair removal: smooth skin for up to four weeks.
  • Unless the epilator in its possession was not explicitly mentioned in the instructions or data sheets, the facial epilator must be purchased separately. The models that are used for the body, in fact, have a power and a range not suitable to face that could run into some problems.

    The epilator for the face are formed by very thin heads but efficient to properly remove unwanted hair from eyebrows, upper lip and chin also, the best facial epilators let you remove any hair of any length. The pain that is felt is such and which to that of the tweezers used by many women to fix the face and remove excess hair , it is definitely lower than that of waxing.

    There are models wet & dry , which can be used in the shower and cleaned under running water, meant for people who intend to use the facial epilator in shower, maybe, with attached mirror on the wall.

    Then there are the pulsed light epilators face it, exactly as for the treatment of the body, such as facial epilators work with light skin and dark hair, failing to give good results for people who have blond or white hair or skin very dark.
    As in the case of models IPL common, of course, the epilator for the face should not be used on tattoos (including tattooed eyebrows or permanent makeup), of the snows of any type and entity or scars.

    Comfort from the face of epilators is that really occupy very little space and can be used on any occasion, there are models that run on electricity, models that run on batteries.

    Depending on the shape of their eyebrows, some women prefer not to use these epilators to put them in order for fear of doing damage and ruin the whole thing.
    In fact, being very easy to handle and thin products , the epilator for the face can be used either to remove hairs that sometimes grow between the two tips of the eyebrows, is to thin a bit ‘the area below the eyebrow arch.

    The heads present supplied with common epilators, suitable for the face, they are very comfortable in case of last-minute needs.
    By purchasing an epilator designed specifically for facial care you can have more certainty, to be able to count on product specifically designed to work on very small portions and delicate.

    There are also epilators face that include, in addition to head to remove the hair, the one to exfoliate and cleanse your face from make-up and impurities from skin residues.
    They are very innovative and appreciated by all women, since being easy to handle and easy to wear with it, ensure that you always have the face in order even during trips of any duration.

    The best facial epilator

  • The 1st device in the world with a cleaning brush for the face and hair remover.
  • Epilator for the face: thin head for precise epilation, with 10 micro cracks to capture the finer hairs.
  • cleaning brush for the face: Gently deep cleanses thanks to micro oscillazioni.Testata from dermatologists.Tested on sensitive skin. Suitable for everyday use.
  • Facial hair removal: smooth skin for up to four weeks.
  • How To Choose Epilator

    It’s so hard to choose the epilator suits your needs? No, not at all! This simple post will show you exactly what you need to pay attention during the search of a hair remover.

    Epilating is a popular method of hair removal that will continue to grow in popularity among women (and even among men) looking for a hair removal method that provides accessible and affordable long-term results.

    Because allows removes hair at the root , the hair removal provides long life and the results extend for approximately 2-3 weeks .
    It is a more economical method than the waxing and constitutes a relatively simple method and easy to use for the hair removal.
    the epilators are available with many useful extra features, such as a massage function to reduce pain and wet and dry models, which can be used in the shower or in the bathtub.
    It ‘s easy to find epilator perfect in any location, even during an on-line shopping, where you can find a wide range of brands and models to choose from.

    Fortunately the market today, offers a wide choice of devices to meet every need and every pocket. But what you must first pay attention to make sure you choose an epilator really effective?

    How to choose the epilator: tweezers

    The tweezers are one of the main features of each device , as are the agents that removing the hair.
    The least expensive devices have 20 tweezers or so, which means that the process of hair removal will take a little ‘more, while the number higher present on an epilator is 72 tweezers.

    Beware, though, one of the myths that circulate among women is that a greater number of tweezers match a more intense pain.
    What it turned out to be wrong and not only do we feel more pain to get rid of our hair, but everything happens more rapidly.
    the important thing is to choose an efficient accessory.
    However, to convince their all and meet the needs of greater sensitivity, some devices have been added accessories like a head for sensitive areas or face. Even in this case, use of such roll, does not mean spending more money.

    There are also other accessories on the market, as a trimmer heads and razors. Suddenly, the epilator  razor becomes indispensable for those areas where the pain is too intense. These aids are very much appreciated by many women and it is easy to see why.

    Whatever your choice, a board weighted regards the non-use of the cooling glove prior to epilation.
    In fact, this supplement, tightens pores and prevents the removal of these hairs. If you really want to use it, do so after you have finished shaving . And if you want to avail yourself of a glove, opt for what exfoliating. It is not sold together all’epilatore, except rare cases, but its cost is so low and is a great way to treat ingrown hairs, which is well worth it to experience it.

    best epilator for face

    Top 5 Best Epilator For Face

    Facial hairs are a problem for every women. Whether it’s coarse hair or simply soft peach fuzz, it is going to bother you at some time. Epilators are best for facial hairs as waxing and shaving is definitely not the answer for facial hair because both of them don’t pluck out hair from roots and thus there are positive chances of quick re-growth. Facial hair particularly becomes a regular problem in disorders like underactive thyroid activity and PCOS. Facial hair also grows in response to inherited genes. Therefore, facial hair is definitely a problem of many women today.

    There is nothing to feel bad if you have facial hair. It must not be a source of embarrassment for females. It’s nobody’s faults, having facial hair is just as natural as having eyebrows. Facial hair usually grows at chin, upper lip and sideburns. There is no embarrassment in facial hair and wanting to remove it must be only for you. There must be no fear of embarrassment or whatsoever. Do it because you like it, not because you fear getting judged by others.

    I have a friend who has noticeable sideburns which are quite dark and noticeable, particularly on the sunny day. However, she likes them and doesn’t want them to be removed as she thinks they are part of hers. I really admire her stance and decision to stand up for what she likes, therefore, pressure must not be given enough space to cloud your decision.

    However, if you like to remove your facial hair, epilating is the best option.

    best epilator for face

    Here’s why epilators are best for facial hair removing

    In order to avoid the facial hair, epilators are the best answers. Epilators remove the hair from the root and ensure the clean and hair free skin for a longer time.

    The shaving process is much strenuous because you have to do it almost every 3 days and same is the case with hair removing creams. The hassle alone is disappointing and the ineffective results become even more of a problem.

    But with epilators, lives get much easier because of the simple and easy process. Not only epilating is simple but the results are also effective.

    Epilating if compared to waxing is much alike in terms of results. Epilators however save so much of pain and money. You have to buy waxing strips each time, in fact, whole of your life and I’m sure if summed up it’d cost much more than epilator. An epilator bought once is a better option then running for wax strips throughout your life.

    The great thing to admire about epilators is the results as they pluck hair from the roots which simply means you are going to love your skin for about a month. This is the biggest pro of an epilator. It comes in a reasonable price and you spend less on facial hair removal than ordinary methods.

    Here’s how you can choose best epilator for face

    The most appropriate question at this point would be, what sort of epilator do you want? You need the one which removes only facial hair or you want the one which removes body hair as well.

    The type of epilator also depends upon the type of hair you have, whether it’s a little fuzz or thicker coarse hair. This is most important criteria while looking for the facial hair remover.

    Here’s the little tip.

    While facial epilators are efficient enough but not all of them are made to pull out thicker hair from root. Some don’t even care to pluck through the root and just cut the hair at surface. That’s not what epilators are supposed to do. They are supposed to pluck each hair from the root.

    Also, if you want to remove hair from your eyebrows with your facial epilator, you’re probably trying to do the wrong thing. Tweezer is the best option for removing eyebrows hair because the surface area of facial epilators is much more than what eyebrows can handle. Facial epilators are made for removing hair from sideburns, upper lip and chin.

    Epilating is not totally a painless procedure but it is way better than shaving and if you have used tweezer previously, you’d have fair idea of the pain. Still, it is much better than tweezer. Just slide the epilator on your skin towards the opposite direction of hair growth. The pain would be a little more because it plucks so many hairs from root at same time. However, it is still faster and you get used to a little pain.

    Following list will help you choose the right one exactly according to your requirements.

    Emjoi Epi Slim AP-9L

    It is one best epilator for face. It is built particularly for removing hair from the facial area. The head is especially narrowly designed to perform this function.  That is one main reason of the cheap price.  But the bonus is it can also be used to remove hair from bikini line and underarms. It is ideally useful for the facial hair though and removing underarm hair might take a little time. There are coarse hairs in underarms especially if 2 week times pass by.  Therefore, a regular epilator is recommended for removing hair other than face.

    It has 9 tweezers, so basically it’s a pretty small epilator. Models with 6 tweezers are also available in facial epilators and that’s why Emjoi Epi slim is preferred for facial hair. The 9 tweezers make sure that coarse hairs are thoroughly plucked. It removes the hair from the root. It gets the power from two standard double AA batteries. That is one of the reasons of exceptional high power of Emjoi slim. It is better than other such models which are powered with only one AA battery.

    Cleaning brush comes with this Emjoi Slim but timely washing of head is particularly important for maintaining hygiene.

    So, is Emjoi Epi Slim is worth it?

    Yes, of course, it is, as it plucks hair without cutting them, it removes hair right from the root irrespective of peach fuzz or coarse hair.

    The PCOS sufferers will definitely admire this facial hair removing epilator as it works great. A quick tip would be to limit this epilator for face only because if you want to remove hair from the body it would be better to get the single epilator which works for face too.

    Braun Face Silk Epil SE 810

    The design particularly head of this smart Silk Epil makes you fall for it at the first glance. But wait, that’s why we are here. Let’s analyse this product before you purchase it.

    It is smart and easy to use because of its efficient design, you can move it anywhere around on face without worrying. It is smart enough to pluck the hair carefully from roots even from the smallest areas. It removes both coarse and thin hair with equal efficiency. It is smart and easy to carry, just like a pen. Its head rotates both ways, plucking hair wherever it goes. The best thing is that it is waterproof and doesn’t make much noise. It is also known to cause almost no pain. It is very quick and efficient while being totally smart. It also come with a facial brush.

    There’s another best thing about this epilator and that is you can give a quick touch up to neaten your eyebrows. It is small enough to manoeuvre around your face just by sliding it efficiently you can achieve total perfection. You can fix it between your eyebrows to remove the extra hair and also you can also use it at the top and below the eyebrows.

    Another great thing about this epilator is that it is very less painful because it doesn’t pinch skin unless you press very tightly. Particularly, for underarm hair where skin is loose it is known to hurt way less. It runs on a single double AA battery.

    Just to test its power some of my friends tried it on bikini lines and underarms but apparently it wasn’t strong enough to pluck off those hairs.

    So the possible pros of this product are:

    • It is quiet
    • It is way less painful
    • It is smart and easy to handle
    • It plucks hair precisely
    • It comes with cleaning brush
    • It is totally waterproof

    And the only few but cons are:

    • It is quite expensive
    • It doesn’t remove coarse hair other than facial hair (which by the way it isn’t supposed to pluck)
    • It has single battery, therefore, lesser battery life.

    Overall it is one of the best epilators for facial hair.

    Braun Face 810 – Mini-Facial Hair Electric Removal Epilator with Facial Cleansing Brush for Women

    Braun Silk Epil 9

    It is by far one of the best epilator for face. Braun Silk Epil 9 being the new model had all eyes on and we also wanted to test if it is going to be in the list of best epilators for upcoming years.  This new series of Braun is absolutely amazing as the Braun Silk 9561 was a huge success and it removed facial hair perfectly as well. Few epilators in the Braun Silk Epil series come with a facial cap and few don’t.

    The best one would be 9579 as it includes all the accessories which might be required. It comes with the massage roller cap, skin contact cap, facial cap, shaving head and trimmer cap, facial cleansing brush and charging stand. What else someone can ask from a facial epilator. The model 9561 doesn’t include the cleansing brush for facial exfoliation. This is the only one difference I found between model 9579 and 9561.the accessories are a good option but not all of them necessary and they also increase the price. Therefore, if you don’t require any accessories you can go for the one with lesser accessories and it’d cost lesser and cheaper as well.

    When we tested this epilator, we found some points that are worth sharing.

    The foremost important one is that it was quite painful. If compared to waxing it was painful but those are definitely different methods because the facial epilators pluck hair from the roots and they work gradually while the wax strips just clean the surface at once with the single stroke. The pain can be best described as the tickling sensation along with pain. The most hurting part was the small indentation on the upper lip.

    The best part however, is that all this hard work pays off well because once the hairs are fully removed irrespective of the coarse or fine ones. You can feel the difference which is quite evident.

    If used with speed 1 and facial cap the epilator pain sensation would be as described above. Facial cap is lesser painful than the massage roller caps. But with time the pain reduces as you develop immunity for such pain and it is also for your own benefit.

    You can easily go off 3 straight weeks without removing your hair because it is good enough to keep you going for such a long time. It is however recommended that there must not be a gap longer than 3 weeks because the hair grows up again and you have to go through the pain once again and shorter hair hurt lesser. You can even try to do it after two weeks because after two weeks the hair starts growing again.

    The good thing about this epilator is that besides being the best one for facial hair it does great with the body hair. It is yes one of the most expensive epilators but the fact that you can use it all over your body is quite overwhelming. It is one of the best epilators but it removes both the fine and coarse hair. It is also one of the most fastest and powerful epilators.

    Emjoi Epi Slim +E18

    Emjoi Company is also making best epilator for face. If you think that Braun Face Silk is quite expensive for you. You can always go for Emjoi Epi Slim. This one is also a right choice for you if you think that your facial hairs are thick enough. It works both ways so you don’t have to worry about your finest and thickest hair. Emjoi is always known for performance and just when you think it couldn’t get any better, they introduce new features which make you fall in love with it ever harder. The Emjoi Epi Slim itself was a very good epilator but then they updated it and introduced Emjoi Epi Slim plus. This is the perfect epilator for all sorts of facial hair.

    Let’s start with the looks; it is the best epilator when we talk about design and appearance. The blue featured colour is the most sophisticated blue ever. The design is quite handy and the easy to carry feature, off course makes it the best in its class. You don’t even feel it holding in your hands. The lightest weight has been made possible with Emjoi Epi Slim plus.

    If talk about tweezers, you’d be surprised as it contains 18 tweezers. This is the most number of tweezers and they are twice as the previous version.

    If compared with the previous version the original Emjoi Epi Slim, the plus version is lighter, more efficient and way too prettier. It also makes less sound. The sound level is lesser and as a result, it is quieter than previous versions.

    The pain level, yes it is not painless. Like most of the facial epilators, it hurts the usual amount. But with efficient handling, you can make the process faster and easier. Use it in the round strokes. It removes coarse hair quite quickly but takes little time in removing that peach fuzz.

    It is quite handy and you can use it for removing hair from chin, cheeks, upper lip, sideburns and all. But unlike Braun Face, it isn’t quite effective with the eyebrows because of its design. You can’t use it near eyebrows. It plucks more hair at the single strokes because of its tweezers and head therefore don’t use it on forehead and eyebrows. It removes about 85% of hair at one pass.

    It leaves you hair free for a long time providing you the soft skin.

    Following are the pros of this device:

    • It is quite reasonable
    • It is easy to carry
    • It removes coarse hair
    • It has 3 rows of tweezers
    • It plucks hair quickly

    The cons of this device are:

    • It is loud
    • It is painful like rest of them
    • It doesn’t pick up the very short hair as compared to Braun Face

    Overall it’s a good epilating device; you can’t get any better at this price.

    Remington EP 7030

    It is one of the best ones. We found it quite effective with the 40 tweezers and the special facial head. With the speed level 1, the head of tweezers rotate bit slower which makes it more effective and less painful. It is different than conventional epilating devices. It is more comfortable.

    The one best thing about this epilator is that it is rechargeable which most of the facial epilators aren’t. Most facial epilators run on standard double AA batteries and its ability of being rechargeable is just appreciable. The fact is that it is rechargeable and has 40 tweezers make it louder, faster and painful as well. It works the fastest of all the epilators we tested.

    It works perfectly fine with every type of hair whether it’s the little peachy fuzz or the proper black coarse hair. It picks up the thickest of hair which makes it truly special.

    Its larger size made it bit difficult to epilate the upper lip hair but it works more than fine on the sideburns, cheeks and chin. You have to be careful because there are chances it might pinch your skin, so pull your skin tight while epilating. If compared to Braun Face epilator it was found that hair had to be bit longer for effective epilating with Remington EP.

    It is actually best for the people who have coarse hair on their face because it is effective in pulling the coarse hair easily. So, if there are any PCOS suffers out there. This is the best epilating device you can have. It is most effective for removing the chin hair. It is a little harder to reach complex areas but it is totally worth the effort.

    Here are the pros of this device

    • Removes thick hair
    • It can be recharged
    • Facial head is the best

    Here are the cons of this device

    • It is bulky
    • It makes noise
    • It is little harder to reach complex areas

    Overall, it is a good one and that’s why it made to our list.

    Final Thoughts

    Hopefully, you would get your desired best epilator for face as epilators are a good choice because once bought the one according to your requirements, you are in peace for the rest of your life. Therefore, always put in proper research before investing in such an important thing.

    Waxing Vs Epilators

    In today’s post, we are going to compare between waxing and epilators. In this post, we have to compare which one is the best available option to remove unwanted hairs throughout the body. Every woman wants smooth and hair free legs. Still waxing is more popular than epilating but epilators are gaining the market with the everyday passing. Through removing hairs with waxing, you have to be hairs free for about 5 weeks approximately. Try to use wax on wet skin as you would face less pain with wet skin. Waxing is there in the market for the last 20 years. I am suggesting you some of the best available waxing products.


    Epilators are the another good option for removing unwanted hairs from the body. It is easier to use compared to waxing but it is little pricey than waxing. Epilators are not the new technique it is here in the market for the last 2 decades.You have to take a bath before using the epilator on your body. Be careful don’t use the epilator while charging as it could be life threatening. There are many good companies which are making epilators like Braun, Remington, Philips etc. When you decide to go with epilators then visit my site homepage where you will get the complete details about top 5 best epilators through which you can choose your desirable product.


    So to wind up the article I can say that epilators, as well as waxing, are the top most preferred methods to remove unwanted hairs from different body parts. Both the techniques are quite safe, but if you have skin’s allergy or other problem relating to skin then please take an advice from skin’s specialist.

    Does Epilator Increase Hair Growth

    Does epilator increase hair growth? A common question which would arise in mind when going to buy or using an epilator, the second question is about the side effects of an epilator using on the body. Epilator! is a product which can be used at sensitive body parts. So in this post, we are going to discuss that which  epilators is good for your skin of every body part as well as the epilator which has low side effects.

    Side Effects Of An Epilator

    To give our readers perfect advice we are also sharing some of the common cons of epilators.

    • Epilation is pricey method to remove unwanted hairs
    • If you have sensitive skin you can observe red rashes on your thighs after epilation but it will disappear on the same day.
    • If you are the beginner you have to face some pain because first you have to learn about how to epilate.
    • You can face swelling on sensitive body parts like face bikini area etc if your skin is extra sensitive.
    • Don’t be lazy when epilating as epilator can hurt your skin.
    • Charge Epilator before using.
    • Do not use an epilator when connected to electricity as it could be life risky.

    Top 3 Epilators Which Is Good For Your Body And Will Not Increase Hair Growth

    So now we are going to suggest you three best epilators which are good for your body as well as you would have no problem with these epilators. Using these epilators are safe as well as you would not face hair growth.

    Emjoi Ap-18 Emagine

    This is one of the best epilator, which I mention in the top post as I advise this great epilator to my readers because of its safety as well as its efficiency. You do not have to rotate it around your skin as it clean the skin in a single pass. This epilator is the most powerful epilator in the market as it has 72 tweezers.

    Remington EP 7080

    Another best available option for you is Remington EP 7080 which can clean the hair both in wet and dry condition. This product is cordless. You have to charge it before use, charging will take approximately 1 hour and its usage time is 40 minutes, 40 minutes is I think enough to clean all the body hair. This epilator is cordless with pivoting head and perfect angle cap.

    Philips Satinelle HP6401

    If you have a tight budget then this product is suitable for you. With the help of 21 tweezers, it will give you hair free skin for 2 weeks, it plucks the hair in a smooth way. It has efficiency cap as well as it has 2-speed system so you can adjust the speed according to the body part which you want to clean.