Braun Silk Epil 9 Review

Braun Epil 9 Series is one of the best epilator series released by Braun as I was pretty much done expecting something different from Braun. Most of the customers were done thinking Braun would introduce something this revolutionary. So, among all the monotonous model, Braun thought of coming up with Braun Silk Epil 9 series which has blown up minds because of its awesome performance.

It completely overtakes all the other models and when standing next to epilators from Philips, Emjoi and Panasonic. This model completely captivated all the attention.

Let me give you overview of this first.

You must not consider buying it if you already have Braun 7 because it would not provide you the excitement. Overall it’s a great epilator, it has everything one would expect from a valuable epilator. It is also reasonable and is totally worth the money. It is also one of the latest epilators so you might just get it because it is classy too.

Now the specification of Braun Epil Silk 9.

  1. Design

As already said it is one of the coolest epilators till date. When I first had the chance to look at the Silk Epil 7681, the complete white with grey touches, I felt that it is the best one until now. But, now after Braun Epil Silk I can surely say that it can’t get any prettier.

The head of this epilator is 40% wider and it induces the smart performance along with adding the classy look to this epilator. The colours are also very eye captivating and they make it perfect epilator to stand out among crowd. Some epilators have colours like bright pink and weird blues which make them look totally bad.

It is also designed to come within the grip of your hand so it is very easy to hold. Whatever you are doing like removing hair from face, legs, private areas or underarms. It is very lightweight and fits right in to the palm of your hand, making the whole process very easy.

  1. Tweezers

Tweezers in this model are very different so if a comparison to be made with Silk Epil 7, I’d say that tweezers are best in Epil 9.

The new Epil models by Braun are very outstanding as they have 40% wider heads to cover more area of skin and rapidly move forward with epilation process. It is a very practical model by Braun. The wider head doesn’t mean that the number of tweezers are more on Epil 9 than Epil 7 but it generally means that you’ll get more done in little time. The big difference is that tweezers are bigger and have different shape and are mounted differently as well.

However, when it comes to number of tweezers I was quite confused because it is hard to identify the original number but after a lot of consideration I have discovered that there are 40+ tweezers on Epil 9.

The number of tweezers are more than 40 and rather than the close grip technology it has micro grip technology which are actually closely related to each other and serve with same purpose as they remove hair as short as 0.5mm.

It is capable of removing hair as tiny as upper lips and even the coarse ones. However, one should not get hopes up because some hair will still be left no matter what you buy. There are always some short hair that can’t be removed by even Silk Epil 9. But, don’t be upset because your 97% of hair are still going to be removed whether thin or coarse.


There are a lot of models of Silk Epil 9, so the accessories you are going to get are pretty much dependent on what model you buy. The models have however same number of tweezers and same functions, it’s just the accessories which give variance in prices.

The common accessories however are

  • Massage system

Which you can surely remove if you want ti and you can use the epilator without it or without the other caps. The tweezers will directly touch your skin which can be painful so if you have sensitive skin make sure you use caps.

  • skin contact cap

This cap is the one that lets the tweezers come in direct contact with the skin which means a little more pain but yeah it’s great as well.

  • Pivoting cap
  • Soft lift tips

It is for lifting flat-lying hairs, it is amazing that it can do what most epilators can’t do in 2-3 passes.

  • built-in light
  • washable head
  • 2 speeds.


Pros of Braun Silk Epil 9

  • It can be used in both wet and dry conditions
  • 40+tweezers
  • Amazing accessories
  • Large head


  • You can’t use it while charging
  • It is one of the expensive epilators

Why would I purchase an epilator instead of a shaver?

In 2016, lots of women who have in the past shaved their bikini area and legs are currently searching for alternative methods of hair reduction or removal with the hope of achieving better results. An epilator differs from a shaver in that it is able to quickly remove each hair at the root by gripping it in a tweezer-like action and plucking it out.-Is an epilator more effective than a shaver? When using an epilator the hairs are removed at the root from within the skin, which means that there is no stubble left behind, leaving the skin feeling much smoother.-When the hair grows back, will it be thicker? No – individual hair thickness is determined by the follicle in which it growing and epilation will not change this. However, using an epilator over a period of time can cause the hairs to grow back with finer tips, which can reduce the rough feel from a blunt tip, as left after using shaver, which can cause the hairs to appear darker or thicker.-Does using an epilator cause any discomfort? The tweezer method by which the hairs are pulled out can sometimes cause minor irritation, particularly for new users, though it is usually less painful than plucking your eyebrows.-What is the most effective way use an epilator? The best time to use an epilator is straight after a shower or warm bath in the evening, as this is when your skin is nice and relaxed. In fact many of the higher spec models are waterproof and may be used while you are actually in the shower or bath. Any irritation is usually gone by the time you wake up in the morning, leaving you with beautiful smooth legs. Another advantage of using an epilator is that the hairs will grow back at a much slower rate, as this is determined by the individual follicle’s growth stage. Frequent use of an epilator over time will eventually cause a reduction in re-growth so you can benefit from smoother legs for longer.


How do photo Epilation hair at home?

Smooth and silky skin, which do not grow hair – the desire of many women. To bring the dream to reality helping special methods of hair removal. IPL – one of the most effective methods to get rid of hair for many years. Find out today about the procedure photo epilation hair removal at home that it will require, and to whom it is appropriate. About depilation wax and Sugaring You can read in previous articles.

Before the hair removal consult a doctor. Consultation must necessarily be full-time. There are a number of contraindications for use photoepilator.

General Information

Photoepilation – hair removal process is by means of a light pulse. The light pulse reaching the hair is converted into thermal energy which destroys melanin hair. As a result, the hairs are destroyed, and themselves “disappear.” The hairs removed from the root. That is, in place of the removed hairs do not grow new. However, at one point in time can not be removed once all the hair – it is just not all at the same time grow.

There is also a lot of dormant bulbs, which can wake up in certain situations. Such conditions include hormonal changes in the body (pregnancy, childbirth, menopause), a number of diseases, the use of certain medications (including hormonal).

The very epilation is performed by a special device with an applicator. Modern devices are a safe mode of use – the device is not harmful to the eyes. The device comes into operation only in close contact with the skin.

Due to the light hair removal can remove dark hairs growing on light skin. The main condition – to be the contrast between the hair and skin. Laser hair removal is not suitable for light and vellus hair. Also, it is impossible to conduct the procedure on dark skin.

You can spend photo epilation hair on the face, legs, bikini area, underarms. Do not do hair removal in the area of deep bikini (you can burn), as well as on the eyebrows (for brain radiation is undesirable). Devices Trusted brands are: Rio Dezac, Gezatone, Philips, Sensepil and others.

The effect of hair removal, and laser alike. The difference – spectrum of activity of hair removal more widely.Laser is suitable for very dark hair. For hair removal is more important difference of the colors.



hair removal procedure has a number of contraindications, because of which it is not necessary to perform it.For a more precise answer, whether it is possible in this way to remove the hair, it is necessary to consult a doctor. We describe the most obvious cases where you can not do hair removal light:

  • any skin diseases, inflammation and irritation (this includes psoriasis, ringworm, eczema, dermatitis, etc.);
  • oncological diseases;
  • varicose veins (in the treated area);
  • serious problems with the cardiovascular system;
  • hormonal problems;
  • suspicious moles on the body;
  • Teenage reward (up to 17 years);
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

Holding hair removal

Before the procedure

Before epilation should perform some simple tips – so you will save yourself from possible complications. So what should you do before you are going to remove the hair:

Before buying photo epilator or going to the salon. Critically examine your skin and hair. If you have very dark skin or light hair, this hair removal method for you will not work (you can pay attention to the electrolysis process or ELOS-epilation).

  • 2 weeks before the procedure . Do not visit a solarium, do not sunbathe. You also can not use antibiotics, tranquilizers and other medications drugs.
  • One day prior to epilation . Shave off the hair. To the radiation affected the hair follicles, they need free access. That is, the shorter the filaments, the better. Immediately before the procedure is not necessary to shave, because you can injure the skin (and it does not have time to recover).
  • Immediately prior to epilation . Carefully check the sites that are going to handle the presence of scratches and damage. If any – better to postpone the procedure. If you have large, black or precarious moles, the seal of their plaster (not to irradiate them).

How to do photo epilation?

Photoepilator purchased, preparatory stages are passed, now it is necessary to do the most important thing – to remove hair. We recommend that the first time to carry out hair removal on the legs zone – so it’s best to prilovchilis the device and to understand all the intricacies of hair removal .. The procedure consists of the following stages:

  1. Photo epilator Set to the desired mode. You can compare your color with the scale on the device, select the desired output. The darker the skin, the light intensity should be lower.
  2. Apply to the treatment area cooling gel. Pencil zone can be designated, so that it does not accidentally processed a second time.
  3. Firmly press the applicator device to the skin. At this point, it turns on and starts to produce flashes of light.
  4. After each flash, move the device to a new area. Do not expose to radiation one area twice – you can get burned.
  5. After hair removal treat skin or panthenol means that it contains in its composition.

Immediately after the procedure, you will not see any effect – this is normal. Only on the 10th – 14th day of the hairs fall out. The result will remain for 3-4 weeks. After that, it is important to repeat the process, because after one session of hair removal hair will still grow (which at the time of treatment were in the passive stage of growth). To remove hair for a very long time need 7-10 sessions (all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism).

After epilation

In order not to hurt yourself out of ignorance, after hair removal we recommend to stick to these recommendations:

  • do not expose the skin temperature changes, as well as to avoid cold and heat for 3-4 days;
  • 2-3 days, avoid saunas and baths;
  • week please refrain from sunbathing on the beach, hiking in the solarium;
  • during the week you can not use alcohol-based cosmetic products;
  • a few days do not do skin peeling.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Painless process . There may be some heat. If you feel a tingling, you should reduce the capacity of the device.
  • The absence of infection . The method of non-invasive and atraumatic, ie it is impossible to bring an infection in the body.
  • The speed of the procedure . Manipulation lasts 5 to 30 minutes (depending on the treatment area).
  • No invading hairs . This removes even those who previously have grown.
  • There is a skin rejuvenation! A pleasant side effect of the apparatus – production of natural collagen and elastin.


  • The high cost of hair removal. Naturally, with his instrument will cheaper than in the salon, but still not cheap.
  • The inability to get rid of a very light, vellus and gray hair.
  • The possibility of burns due to incorrect use of the device.
  • It does not always remove hair for many years (individual characteristics).

Now you know how to perform photoepilation at home, you can see whether it fits exactly to you. Take care of your skin, and be beautiful!

Tips For Perfect Hair Removal

The art of hair removal has grown in special techniques for super smooth skin on all body parts. How to achieve maximum efficiency?

1. Your skin is more relaxed and less sensitive when stored under warm water. Especially for this epilators have been developed that can work in the shower or in the bathroom, making hair removal legs  and other body parts are very delicate.

2. Useful tips for wet epilation :
– In the bathroom: for optimal results give your skin a rest in the water, about five minutes. Keep your feet and epilator fully submerged in the water, which will raise the hairs, which is very convenient for their easier adhesion to the working surface of the epilator.
– In his heart: at the time of hair removal, your skin should be completely humidification. For best results, you can put on it a little shower gel.

3. Useful tips for  dry epilation :
Your skin should be degreased and completely dry. The kit includes many models of epilators special wipes to clean the skin before epilation. They also have a cooling and soothing effect on the skin, which gives a pleasant sensation during epilation

4. Move the epilator upwards against the direction of hair growth, so that they lifted slightly. You can change the direction for epilation more smooth processing.

5. Newcomers to epilation may find that after the procedure the skin is slightly red. That is why it is better not to epilate the day, and wait for the evening. To soothe the skin and give it a really sleek look after hair removal, apply a body cream or lotion.

6. Regular exfoliation will help prevent ingrown hairs. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells that tend to block the growth of hair. With the removal of dead skin cells in the hair appears the way to the skin surface, which reduces their chances of growing.

How To Shave Your Legs With Epilator

Women are constantly struggling with unwanted hair. Therefore, how to shave your legs epilator is known to many. After all, this device has many advantages over other methods of getting rid of unaesthetic vegetation on the body.

Firstly , the appliance is able to completely remove the hair by the root. So a month later you can not think about the fact that it is time to shave my legs.

Secondly , the use of the device in the home – a cost-effective method for hair removal. Finally, the appliance – a simple device to use.

How to shave your legs epilator for the first time? A few simple rules is enough to observe :

  • If you’ve already shaved their legs in some other way before using the epilator you need to wait until they are fully grown to a length of a few millimeters .
  • To start the instrument should establish a minimum rate of removal of hairs. Otherwise, they may just break down at the bottom, making it impossible to remove the hair follicle. Accordingly, the next day will be on his feet unpleasant bristles.
  • Before using the instrument need to be sure to go to the bath or shower (only certainly quite hot) for 20 minutes. This will allow the skin to become steamed. Accordingly, the hair removal process easier and is painless.But you must not forget to dry the skin before using the epilator.
How to reduce the pain?
  • Pain – is an integral part of the process of hair removal in using the device. But to minimize them possible. For this:
  • During the hair removal device with one hand it is necessary to tighten the skin, while the other hand – to manage epilator.
  • Starting from the procedure should be a place on the skin where the hair is less likely. So it is possible to gradually get used to get the feeling.
  • You can buy a special epilator, which has the function of reducing pain . There are devices that have a cooling nozzle, a special device designed for sensitive skin. The result – a more comfortable procedure without severe pain.
  • Finally, it is not recommended for one to do all the right approach epilation. Constantly need to make small breaks. This will allow a break for you and your skin.
  • After the procedure comes to an end, do not forget to use special tools that relieve irritation . They will soften the skin and soothe the skin.
Recommendations made by the use of the epilator

Such a device as the appliance was invented specifically to remove their unwanted hair from legs . In this regard, it should not be used in the underarms or bikini area. Never try to save on your own comfort and suffering. Better not to opt for a “budget” models of the device. Should be guided solely on the well-known, won the love of customers, brands.It is necessary to check which functions are provided in the epilator, and whether it can protect you from excessive pain.

Before the procedure, it is important to carefully check their feet for the presence of moles and dilated vessels. If they are present, these areas will get round.

After the procedure, all the professionals recommend the use of not only caring agents , and special preparations, which do not allow the hairs to grow rapidly. Usually they are produced in the form of ampoules, sprays, creams or gels.Their use will help increase the interval between treatments of hair removal.

The main advantage of the use of the epilator – an opportunity to get the smooth skin of the feet for a long period of time. Just a few minutes of patience and excellent result achieved. However, to obtain the effect can only be, if you know how to shave your legs epilator. If you act fast speeds, anyhow leading instrument in the legs, can hardly count on a great result.

Tips and warnings to use epilator

Tips and warnings to use epilator

  • Heavily tanned skin and black (the second type of skin).
  • Very dry skin and weak.
  • Do not use if the skin on the treated area: tattoos, permanent makeup, dark – brown, black spots, large freckles, birthmarks, moles, warts (close those portions of adhesive or use a white eyeliner).
  • Use on the face with skin types 1 – 5.
  • Do not use nozzle – the appliance  and nozzle – the razor on his face.
  • Carry out procedures on the face in protective glasses.
  • Before the procedure on his face did not tan for at least 2 weeks, and after the procedure, applied for 2 – weeks sunscreen of at least SPF 30. Within 24 – 48 hours not to expose the treated areas of the face exposed to direct sunlight, provide face protection (umbrella, shade).
  • Not suitable for the removal of facial hair in men.
  • On the bright, gray and red hair is recommended to use together: Lamp (cartridge) + extension – the epilator.
  • When using the attachment – the appliance can be tingling effect – this is normal.
  • Do not point the transmitter unit especially to the eyes and do not keep it in the vicinity of the eye. Do not look at the light from the flash, despite the fact that the device has special safety features.
  • Do not sunbathe for 2 – days after the procedure, apply a sunscreen of at least SPF 30.
  • Do not use on nipples and genitals (male or female).
  • Do not use on any – any areas of the body, which in the future you may want to have vegetation.
  • Do not use the machine near flammable materials.
  • Do not leave the device turned on unsupervised.
  • Keep the unit out of the reach of children and animals.


braun silk 7681

Learning to use the epilator without pain: Tips

Best Epilator – an indispensable device for hair removal, which is in the arsenal of every second girl.But, unfortunately, how to use the epilator know not all. It would seem, has acquired the device is plugged in and Vod on the hair surface of the skin – the hair will be ruthlessly deleted and be done with it. Theoretically, the way it is, but hair removal is very painful process, especially at first. To facilitate the procedure and minimize the discomfort, we suggest you to arm a few tips, and your first experience using an epilator will pass easily and productively.

Top 5 Rules for quality hair removal at home

To begin with, remember – the ability to properly do hair removal does not come the first time.Guide to the epilator is often not the best assistant in the difficult task of hair removal. Well, if you can view instructional videos on how to do hair removal painless.

Professional use epilator you learn to at least 10 procedures, examining its most painful places and picking up the desired speed of the device.

We advise you to start to remember the basic rules of how to carry out this procedure, not to be hurt.

1. Hair length – 0.5 cm

If you have to buy a best epilatorb used machine and used to shave your legs cleaned, before the first use of the appliance you will need 1-2 days to leave the hair growth completely at rest.For optimal capture epilator hair is required to capture it in its entirety, it is difficult to do, if the rod is too short.

2. Minimum speed

Begin to use the epilator for the first application at a low speed. The best epilaor withT high speed reduces the time, but at high speed tweezers can grab and pull out just fine hairs. And at first, especially if you have to shave epilator feet hair has a thick stem, which can be pulled out only at low speed. That there was no pain, use the device on top of the head massage nozzle.

3. Hot Tub

Make it a rule to do hair removal after a hot bath, or, in extreme cases, the soul. If you are used to shave their legs under the hot water, it is now unnecessary removal will be waiting for you after a bath.

4. Against hair growth

Doing hair removal should be strictly against the hair growth. Otherwise, you run the risk of driving the device at the same place several times, trying to pull out the hairs that can not be called pleasant. Even if you are used to shave their legs, accustom himself from the first day to use the epilator correctly.

5. Do not force

No need of epilation literally “dent” at the feet of the device and the skin. Work better it from it will not, but the irritation from scratching the epidermis tweezers you earn 100%. Drive the appliance over the skin as smooth as you’re used to shave machine, without pressure. It is necessary to keep it at a slight tilt to the right to capture every hair.

Hair removal on different parts of the body

You’ve probably heard the phrase, the current threshold of pain that every person is different. In fact, it is a true expression, except that sensitive parts of the body is determined by all virtually identical. Doing hair removal on the legs or bikini area – feel the difference? Remove hair in the second case will be resolved not everyone, but shave their legs is not a solution either.Preparation of the skin in different parts of the body passes differently. So, consider how to use the epilator on a normal, sensitive and very sensitive skin.

Hair removal legs

On the feet the most sensitive areas of the skin – is at the ankles and behind the knees. The rest of the surface quickly “get used” to the pain – 3-5 minutes to do hair removal is not as painful as in the first minutes of the procedure. Due to the flat surface to remove the excess on your feet is easy. But do not expect to use the epilator finish in less than half an hour.

To prepare for the upcoming leg hair removal, you can use body scrubs and harsh scouring pads. An hour before the procedure rasparte epidermis feet, treat scrub, rinse. Rub your feet washcloth, disperse blood. Dead skin layer is washed away, the hair will be much easier to pull out, and will be less painful.



Underarm skin is more delicate and sensitive, and therefore requires a special approach. That it was not painful to remove hair, holding the device in the skin, you need to pull it slightly. So the hair quickly and efficiently be grasped with forceps device.

Too long armpit hair can cause pain and discomfort when pulling. Before use of the device should be carefully cut off the hair. Shaving armpits before the destruction of hair follicles should be no earlier than the day or two before the procedure. After removal of underarm hair to process an ice cube and a thin layer of baby oil to remove the irritation.

Bikini Hair Removal

One of the most sensitive skin surfaces – bikini line. Holding her hair removal, it is desirable to use the cooling glove, or spray with chilling effect. Some girls even drink a painkiller before epilation, but we believe this measure unnecessary.

Before turning the best epilator remove hairs with a pair of tweezers bikini line. So you give the skin to know what to be pulling hair treatment. Since the skin in this area of the body is very delicate, after the hair removal it should be treated with alcohol, and smear moisturizing baby cream with chamomile to damaged skin as soon as possible to restore.

Also interesting: how to choose the epilator

How To Remove Unwanted Hairs: Waxing Or Electric Epilator

Returns with unwanted hair! After speaking of the different techniques hair removal (depilatory cream, razor blades or razor) Let us now turn to the various methods of hair removal.

I remind you here in brief the difference between these two terms including often there is confusion when it comes to the fight against unwanted hair: depilation let’s remove the hair on the surface; with the hair removal instead we go more in depth, removing all the hair (including bulb), which will take more time to regrow.

We see all the different hair removal techniques to choose the one best suited to our needs, from the “classic” waxing.

Waxing hot and cold waxing

In general, the depilatory waxes are based on the ability of certain natural resins to incorporate the hair shaft when they are coated on the skin and to take it away with it in the moment in which they are torn, then uproot the hair completely leaving only the generative cup. Before proceeding with waxing, about a week, you may want to sprinkle the area of olive oil and rub with a horsehair glove to remove dead cells (preventing the growth of hair follicles and cause ingrown hairs)

Hot waxing : are ideal for the face and groin, to remove hair growth. They have a solid consistency and are resin mixtures and natural waxes (candelilla, beeswax, rosin, paraffin, microcrystalline waxes) which are heated until they reach the molten state. They are thus spread on the skin surface at a temperature of about 40 °, the semi-fluid state, and it anticipates the solidification. When they become precisely a rubbery substance, we proceed with the removal through a single pull to. Hair removal is excellent, and the hairs grow back then, after about 20 days . The pain it causes is of medium intensity but it is a technique prohibited for people suffering from vascular problems and potentially “dangerous” for sunburn, because it requires attention at the time of completion of high-temperature wax. Once you remove the wax strip, you will notice a skin irritation: just apply a soothing lotion or special cream.

Cold waxing : remove thin and thick hair, they are indicated for the legs and arms but it is a painful technique ;persons subject to capillary fragility or hypersensitivity of the skin to heat, should prefer these than hot. They consist of wax-based substances (glucose) and have a semi solid consistency that is spread on the area, in the direction of the hair, and then covered with strips of fabric (in this case, the heating of the waxing is moderate compared to the previous). Thanks to the action of heat transferred to the skin, you get a dilation of the hair follicle which allows an almost total removal of the hair, including the bulb, with the tear following controller (also for the warm wax, of course). The hair will grow back after about 20-30 days and gradually, you will get a slowdown and weakening of growth thereof (strips are commercially available with a thin wax layer already built).

Electrical equipment

Are means such as razor, possessing a rotating spiral capable of taking the hair from the root and eradicate it.They are indicated for the legs, so the big hair on flat surfaces, insensitive; for thin hairs on the other hand, they are not shown because the latter are beyond the engagement and are not removed cracking. Regrowth occurs after about 15 days. Violent and painful in the past, today the market provides electric epilators more “sweet”, with heads adaptable, sophisticated technology, lotions and more delicate solutions to reduce pain (initial, because over time, the dermis gets used and decreases the hassle of time to time). Before using the epilator, it is useful to take a hot bath as this allows you to expand the hair bulb and then ripping the hair at the root.

Among the most famous which can be mentioned, there are the Braun Silkepil (sonic button head that by means of micro-pulses, causes the hair to rise autonomously and therefore facilitates the operation of hair removal, even in the most complicated areas), Philips (which proposes different models and levels to reduce skin irritation or to massage after ripping or to relieve pain etc), Panasonic (interchangeable heads and accessories to perform a correct and complete hair removal).Electrolysis

Also called diathermy is accomplished by direct current or high frequency that is transformed into heat energy and thus destroys the hair follicle, removing the hair contained in it (with tweezers). It is used to treat the face, belly and the mammary areola and often requires a complete treatment rather long. Since the technique is complicated and delicate, it is recommended to rely on competent professionals : in fact, they use electrodes (needles) connected to a current source which, when used in the wrong way or if the electrical discharge is too strong, can cause the ‘onset of spots or scars.

The methods used are 4: hydrolysis (effective, but it is slow and painful action); thermolysis (make sure the needle is shielded to avoid burns); flash (high-intensity current only for fractions of seconds); blend (hydrolysis is associated to thermolysis: DC and high frequency). The treatment is painful and very long for both the patient who undergoes it is for the professional who executes it; the latter, if good, can eliminate a large number of hairs in a single session and thus reduce the total number of treatments to be performed.

Techniques of natural hair removal

At the eastern edge oriental method that uses a thread of cotton to extract the hair root effectively. The thread takes the form of a spiral, in the part in contact with the area to be depilated, and the other part is wound around the neck of who shaves to lever, with alternating movements: is clearly a technical expert beauticians for about. With this technique it uproots the hair from the roots, weakening the same time to prevent him from re-grow. At first they take several sessions of treatment, 2/3 per month, 12/18 months. There are no contraindications, no exfoliating effects on the skin and avoids the formation of folliculitis.

Gelatin rose Allows effective epilation, leaving the skin soft and smooth and then delaying the regrowth (slow).At the end of the session, the skin is hydrated with oleolito of Damask Rose and sweet almond.

Sugar kalawa Cold Waxing with a sugar-based paste, or honey and lemon. It also has an action of exfoliation on the skin.

Any advice for a perfect hair removal

– To counteract the appearance of ingrown hairs, regularly exfoliate the skin to remove the hair with a scrub (or mitt).

– Before waxing, treat the part to shave with an exfoliant to clean and smooth the skin: the product is more effective as well. The area de shave must be dry so if it is not, use talcum powder.

-After The hair removal or hair removal it is a must moisturize your skin with oil and body lotion, preferably filled with a soothing substances. It ‘also important to avoid applying the treated parts soaps, deodorants and scented spray for the next 24 hours

– Immediately after the hair removal avoid exposure to the sun or tanning lamps. Do not use tight clothing, take baths or showers with very hot water and do not rub the treated parts

What Is Epilator? And How To Use It?

The hair removal can become one of the most discouraging moments that a modern woman can face.

There are several methods of hair removal. The epilator, waxing, traditional and electric shavers, the laser. Let’s clarify some ideas …

In the short term the traditional razors may seem like the cheapest option, but involves shaving cuts and scratches and blood flowing to your legs :-).

Additionally, after a day or two, the hair forest :-)  inevitably crops up, because the razors cut hair surface, to skin level.

A viable alternative to traditional razors are electric razors . They are fast, easy to use, easy to clean, they are safe and do not scratch the skin. Like traditional razors, however, cut hair surface, do not tear them at their roots.

The waxing makes your super smooth legs for a few weeks, however, is much more expensive than shaving, and can cause ingrown hairs.

The laser removal is extremely effective, but only if you’re willing to spend some money (more than one thousand Euros).

At this point, what we are left? The epilator:  the most convenient way to hold off the hairs.

Here are the most popular hair removal methods, with the pros and cons.

Our guides on the best epilators

This is the guide with a list of the best epilators and with directions on how to choose one that meets your needs.

Are you afraid of ingrown hairs?

Want a reduction method permanent hair? Here are the best epilators to pulsed light.

Difference between hair removal and hair removal of hair

There are two methods of hair removal, hair removal and hair removal.

The process of hair removal removes the entire hair, including the root. Thehair removal instead removes only the section of hair out of the follicle.

The waxing and the epilator are forms of hair removal , while the razor and creams depilatory are forms of hair removal.

The hairs, in general, a small part grow under the skin, and then exits via the pores. When you shave, cut only the outer part of the hair (it’s like when you cut a tree). With the hair removal, eliminate the entire follicle.

What is an epilator?

The use of motorized tweezers epilators tearing hair at the root. Give results similar to waxing, with the advantage to overcome its weaknesses.With the epilator, in fact, you do not need to heat the wax, you do not have to be careful not to drop it around the house and, above all, in the end, you do not clean it all.

The electric hair remover does it hurt?

There are no uncertain terms, the epilators are painful and may cause irritation such as redness or itching. But not sfiduciatevi, because …

Women who use the electric epilator for years ensure that when your skin fit, the whole process becomes less painful . You will feel more like a tingling real pain.

If you’re used to waxing, go electric all epilators is a breeze.

How does an epilator?

Epilators are devices consisting of a spring spiral turning tearing his hair at the root.

All you need to do is to roll this spiral on your skin following the direction of hair growth. Epilators can be of three types: tweezers, spiral and rotating disc. They are all the same thing (remove unwanted hair :-)) and are super efficient in their work.

Removing hairs from the root, they allow you to have smooth legs for longer, about 6 weeks!

As I said, you do not need to heat the wax and to clean up the mess at the end. Just switch on the epilator and you’re done. The process is fast and easyhelp eliminate unwanted hair in about 30-45 minutes!

The epilator benefits

+ Long lasting results

The results obtained are semi-permanent . This means that you will not need to repeat the process for several weeks!

The reason for the slow growth is that epilators tear their hair at the root.

With the razors the hairs are cut at the base of the skin. The root remains intact and regrowth will be fast.

+ The process is fast. We must not clean up the mess created (as with waxing).

Compared to waxing, the hair removal process is much faster. You do not need many preparations and cleaning is much easier.

Epilators require no water or shaving creams and leave no residue on the skin. With waxing, however, the casino is assured.

+ Save money

Using an epilator it saves money .

Because? Why do you have to buy only once (one spending … the initial one).With waxing, however, you have to buy every time the kit with the rips and the wax, while with traditional razors, every shaving need to change the blades or buy new ones.

+ Convenience

You can easily epilate to your home. The process is simple, and many women using the epilator avoid going on expensive spa.

With waxing, he preferred to turn to professionals because it was not an easy process.

Now with epilators it is no longer so. With these devices you will get the same results as waxing, but the process is easy and zero expense.

The disadvantages epilator

Like every product also epilators have their problems.

– A little bit painful

Because the process takes to tear the hair at the root, it is inevitable that you will feel some pain.

The level of pain varies. It depends on the area treated. It will be less bearable in the most sensitive areas. But it must specify, that evil tends to fade when the skin begins to adapt to the process.

– Ingrown hairs

Using the epilator you may get an ingrown hair … that cause pain.

An ingrown hair is nothing more than a hair that grows towards its follicle and that sometimes creates small bumps on the skin. To avoid them, regularly exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells and unleash the sleeping space for proper growth.

Compared with other methods to use at home, the epilator is the easiest system and ensures longer lasting results. The pain will be rewarded by the duration of the effects.

How do I use an epilator?

Before any advice for beginners

At first the hair removal may seem a strange process. It ‘similar to shaving because you have to move the device up and down on your body, but it is much closer to waxing because it removes hair at the root.

For more efficient “before hair removal”, we have collected for you some useful tips to remember. Discouraged at the first hair removal is very easy, knowing these principles help you to not abandon the epilator before you start using it appropriately.  

  1. Yes, we know, the first few times it can be painful, but do not move the epilator too quickly on your skin to try to finish first! You’re going to leave with too many unwanted hair, and especially you break the follicles without even removing the root. Leave the epilator on a area for at leastthree seconds before switching to the next zone.
  2. Before you begin the process of hair removal, make sure the hairs are not too long . The long hairs are more difficult to be depilated and cause much more pain during removal. The general rule is to shave 2 or 3 days prior to epilation.
  3. At the end of the process, people with sensitive skin may end up with red spots on the skin . Usually disappear within 24 hours .
  4. Do not give up after the first attempt , even if you have had a painful experience! Your skin, with time, you get used to the sensation of epilation. Also, more uses the epilator, the less will be the hairs to be removed in the future. Less hair = less pain!
  5. Use the epilator in less sensitive areas like legs and arms. The epilator the armpits or the bikini area, it can cause real pain.

Now let’s see step by step how to use the epilator

Philips Wet & Dry epilator
  1. Fully charge the epilator before starting (avoid to stay in the middle of the process :-)).
  2. You must be sure that the area to be depilated is clean and dry. Even a bit of dust can clog the epilator head and cause a malfunction. To remove hair efficiently and quickly, before epilation make a ‘exfoliation of the skin to remove excess dead cells. This arrangement exposes more hair, and the results will be more visible … you have smoother skin.
    • Take a shower or a warm bath before using the epilator. The heat will open the follicles and the hair will be removed much more easily. Dries your skin perfectly and before starting the hair removal, do not apply either lotions or creams. Apply creams or lotions prevents all’epilatore to reach the hair, it will take much longer to finish, and especially feel more pain.
    • Before you begin, massage your skin in the opposite direction of hair growth. In this way you are lifting the hairs that will be in position to be easily removed.
  3. Off the epilator from office. Sit in a comfortable position and switch on the epilator. Tweezers in the head will begin to rotate and to pluck hairs from the root. Place the tweezers close to the skin area you want to epilate.
  4. First, experiments in non-sensitive area. Choose an area where the hair is thicker, like the calf or knee. Move the epilator head slowlyalong your skin. Move it in the direction of hair growth. This minimizes the likelihood of ingrown hairs. You may need to move the epilator more times on the same area to achieve the desired results.Get used to the sensation of epilation before moving on to more sensitive areas.
  5. Turn off the epilator when you’re done :-). Once you turned off, make sure there are no hairs stuck in the tweezers.  If there are, gently remove them with the cleaning brush included or blowing on it.Eliminated locked hair, the device is ready for the next use.

After epilation, to cure any redness, tones your skin with a tonic for the high quality body. If you do not have a tonic, mix one part white vinegar to three parts water and apply this mixture on your skin.

After a couple of days from hair removal, exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells.

Finally, the hair removal is the most efficient and lasting method for removing unwanted hair.

I recommend to always use a quality epilator , spend more to purchase, but listen to me, the money spent does not regret it!

Better waxing or epilator? What it does more harm?

epilator benefits

  • And ‘fast. You can treat an entire area of your body very fast. If you become good / or with the epilator, the process may become as fast as shaving.
  • And ‘clean. It does not require gel and shaving creams. After use, you do not do anything for your skin.
  • The results are excellent. For speed and results can not be beat.
  • Price. You just need to buy the device.

Benefits of waxing

  • The skin becomes silky smooth after waxing.
  • Ripping off all his hair, even those closest to the skin.
  • Waxing is not as painful as you think.
  • The kits for waxing at home are not very expensive.

It ‘hard to determine which is the best method.

Buy an epilator if you are sure to use it in the future and to be able to stand the pain, otherwise acquires for a waxing kit. The convenience of an epilator makes the whole process much, much easier.

However, both provide great results (which last much longer razor) and make you save a lot of time.

The one big difference is the cleanliness. With waxing the mess in the house is insured, the epilator is a clean device.

In conclusion, choosing one of these treatments is not wrong for sure!