How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs: 7 Amazing Tips

Ladies and gentlemen, today we are going to talk about how to prevent ingrown hairs. After years of shaving my own legs, I have come to known that how can I get rid of ingrown hairs. If I would have to speak the truth over here, I would say that the hair removal methods that we women are using like shaving, waxing and epilation; they are just going to cause ingrown hairs for most of us, this is the way it is. There are two other methods that do not cause any ingrown hairs and they are permanent removal methods: electrolysis and laser hair removal. Now let’s coming back to the good news, are coming to the good news for the first time I would say that with few simple and easy many years are steps you can easily prevent your ingrown hairs.

I will be giving you tips that that will help you to get rid of your ingrown hairs are in the first and you can prevent them.


7 Tips to Prevent the Ingrown Hairs

Tip 1.) A pair of tweezers

Tip 2.) Exfoliate: getting rid of that cells

Tip 3.) Physical Exfoliation: getting rid of the dead cells with physical exfoliation

Tip 4.) DIY Exfoliation

Tip 5.) Chemical Exfoliation: getting rid of your that cells with chemicals

Tip 6.) What you should keep in mind when you are shaving

Tip 7.) Epilating Tips that can help to prevent ingrown hairs

Bonus Tip: while there are ingrown hairs and the first place?


Tip 1.) A pair of tweezers can help

The easiest way to take a pair of tweezers that is sterilized and you can lift out all the ingrown hairs before you start shaving, epilating or waxing.  You allow your method to get rid of these ingrown hairs. I would recommend that you should just lift your ears are not plugged them; that would remove any possibility of infection.


The possible situation in which you can’t reach you are here because it has gone too deep under the skin; in the set scenario you would need a needle. It is no need to become scared, because it’s not going to hurt you or it won’t leave even a tiny scar.


What you do is that you will take the needed, and you have to poke the bump of the hair. It is very intuitive and there is nothing that you can’t easily learn only one that requires learning. One thing that you need to be sure that you are needle is sterile.


Within a minute, your hair will be out of your body, very few times you will also see some blood. If your hair has been growing inside for a long time it will be a big hair.


Finally I should warn you that, if you have very sensitive skin you should stay away from the method that I just told you. I have an experience that sensitive skins have a problem of healing very slow and that might leave some scars.


Tip 2.) Exfoliate

This simply means that you are going to get rid of your dead cells.

All these techniques of exfoliation can be done before you are going to have a session of waxing, epilation or shaving. After that you can exfoliate once during a day or once every two days.


The point of going to make is very logical that are ingrown hairs are because of the existence of a thick layer of dead skin. Our hair cannot easily break the surface so that it can grow above the skin that is why it starts growing under the skin.


Tip 3.) Physical Exfoliation

I would recommend that you should have an exfoliating glove before you start physical exfoliation. These gloves are not very expensive and they help you to get rid of your dead skin very calmly and smoothly.


I love this method because it doesn’t hide or damage our skin whether it cleans the skin is very gently and we can easily get rid of our dead skins and eventually our ingrown hairs.


If you don’t want to use the class then there is another option for physical exfoliation method and that is to get exfoliation soaps. Exfoliation soaps contained a lot of oils, oatmeal, sugar or salt. Eventually what happens is that they help us by keeping our skin hydrated. The soaps should be used regularly for better results. Along so you can also use facial or body scrubs.


Tip 4.) DIY Exfoliation

If you’re more of a person who is DIY geek then there is one of the simplest recipes that I have on my mind and it helps a lot.

What you can do is that you have two place a little kosher salt in your shower gel and then you have to rub it on your skin. In this way you are gel has instantly become a scrub.


Tip 5.) Chemical Exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation doesn’t mean that we are going to use some chemicals that are toxic and may have side effects. This simply means that you are going to use the product that contains alpine toxic assets or salicylic acid. I’m not saying that they cannot cause any damage but they would not until you use it with care. You can remain unsafe side by not using chemical exfoliation methods too frequently.


The only problem that I have with chemical exfoliation method is that there are plenty of products and each product has its own set of instructions that need to be followed.


Tip 6.) Ingrown Hairs Tips When Shaving

Now coming towards some helpful tips for men, and this is not only for men this is also for women who shave. The right way to shave for the man is with grain. You should shave only in the direction of the growth of your hair, only in this way you can save yourself from ingrown hairs.

As far as women are concerned they can shave their legs in the opposite direction without any worries. Just keep in mind that you should not be using a dull blade because it can have a very adverse effect on the skin.


It is very best bet is that one should change the blade on the cartridge very frequently.


Tip 7.) Epilating Tips to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Many people believe that they are epilator type can have the interest on the number of ingrown hairs they might get. As far as I’m concerned I’m not entirely convinced or moved by this concept that the model number of epilator can have a relationship with ingrown hairs.


If I had to give you an example that I would be saying that if you get an epilator that a 72 tweezers, then it means that the number of passes that you need to do all your hairs is reduced. This means that, all of your hairs are removed from the route instead of cutting them short.


Furthermore, if you get an epilator that a ceramic tweezers; then it would be quite powerful to remove all of your hairs. These epilator is are completely safe too.


These are some of the tips and tricks that I can give you regarding the epilators. The real thing that is to be kept in mind is one should not go out of the boundaries of safety.


Finally, I would also say that all the tips that are mentioned above are infections proof but if someone wants to get rid of their ingrown hairs for good then only two matches that I mention in the start are hundred percent effective, only if we can afford them.





Ingrown hairs are not reserved for a category of person, everyone can be touched and that is the problem. There are various explanations for the appearance of ingrown hairs that is why you should keep your eyes open because you are surely concerned:


If you have curly or fine hair: those with thick hair are less likely to be affected by ingrown hairs because their path is straight, well defined, they have only to follow the path in the dermis. In contrast, those with curly hair or purposes are more prone to ingrown hairs because this type of hair tends to grow through and therefore unable to penetrate the dermis.


If you use a razor: razor blades in several, even if it makes it more comfortable shave is not that good. Indeed, it cuts the hair against the direction which can cause the diversion of hair that is more likely to grow in the wrong direction and therefore cause infections.


If you pluck: yes, everyone plucks the hair. But be aware that this can also cause ingrown hairs because removing hair, removing any indication to those who grow back later about the path to take to penetrate the dermis. Yes, we are happy when by dint of waxing the hair grows back finer, but it was not that good sides since this makes grows more difficult later.


If you do not use any body care: taking care of you skin is a necessity. I confess not do enough often making skin not comparable to that of a crocodile, but the more time passes the more I realize that I should not only take care of my skin when I was in the more bodies found. And you should too! Since failed to maintain enough your skin, it dries out and the hair does not really like it, they might retaliate severely, and that, we refuse!


I’m pretty sure you’ve found in the above items, so to avoid incurring again the pain of ingrown hairs, just follow these tips that will never want your hair to play as rebels:

We do not forget hydration after showering: a hydrated skin is skin that will cause fewer problems, so take care and see that the time you spend with you cream will become a pleasure for you! Do not let any part of your side of the body miss, and insist on the course where the hairs are present.


You go through step 1 scrub once a week: If you have not yet found the scrub you need, it’s time! Know find the right according to your skin type to avoid stripping the still. We advised you that there may brand Rituals. Massage done will be good for your skin but also inside your body because it will promote lymphatic drainage.


We pluck properly: hair removal is not always a breeze: in fact, takes planning! The day before the hair removal is performed a scrub to remove all the dead cells which could clog the dermis. We always make sure that the equipment is used is clean. If you use a razor, disinfect it properly before use because any dirt can cause big problems. It is thought well to moisturize the depilated area once the work is completed to our skin we do not want too much of assaulting.


However, if despite all your attention an ingrown hair decided to point the tip of his nose, here’s how to treat it effectively:

  1. Perform a light exfoliation on the party to remove any element preventing the hair out.
  2. Use a sterile pad on which you spent the hot water on the affected area.This will allow to expand the pore and make hair easier exit problematic. Leave on for about 5 minutes, pressing lightly.
  3. After 5 minutes, perform a pressure around the button created by the ingrown hair to get him out.If the hair comes out alone, so much the better if he has more trouble, get yourself a pair of tweezers that you have previously disinfected with alcohol at 90 ° (it would not be to add microbes where there already has) and try to catch that ugly hair.
  4. Disinfect the area and triturated using an antiseptic cream to not increase the infection.

If you follow all these tips girls, be sure that the ingrown hair will never dare to mess with you! Respect your skin and it will make you well 😉

Braun Silk-Epil7681 Review

Braun SE7681 Silk- EpilFeatures:

Number of tweezers: 40

Corded / Cordless : Cordless, rechargeable battery included.

Speed settings : Two

Attachments: 5 shaver head, efficiency cap, trimmer cap,  facial cap, sensitive area cap.

Voltage: 110V to 240V.

Additional features: Wet and dry; travel case included;  Close grip tweezers to grasp very short hair up to 0.5 millimeter long.
The Braun Silk-Epil 7681 epilator – a wet and dry battery operated model from Braun is one of the most popular epilators. This is very well suited for removing low to moderate amounts of hair. Not for people with very thick, coarse hair.
Equipped with 40 close grip tweezers designed to remove even the shortest of hairs, the Braun 7681 is also equipped with a smartlight and comes with five attachments – a shaver head, a efficiency cap, a sensitive area cap, a trimmer and a facial cap. Each is designed for a different body part. This epilator even removes hair that are too short for waxing.
Being a battery operated, wet and dry model this can be used in the shower or bath – which is a good feature to have in a epilator because epilating while taking a warm shower is one of the best methods to make the process more pleasant.
The operating voltage range of 100V to 240V means you can use it just about anywhere on the planet. Just plug it in, charge the battery and start using it without worrying about whether you will need to use a adapter. This makes it ideally suited for traveling.
The pre-epilation wipes – included in the pack – soften the hair, make the hair stand up so that they are not flat. That way, it is a lot easier for the tweezers to grab the hair and pull them out,  making epilation a lot less painful. Using this makes it more likely that hair will be pulled out from the root and not just break off. They do not have any anaesthetic effect and do not numb or deaden the skin to pain. They smell good and give you that fresh, clean, moisturised and smooth feeling after epilation. Being free of alcohol, it isn’t likely these will irritate your skin. If you ever need to epilate, but for some reason do not have the time for a quick shower, then these could just save the day for you.
Getting those flat lying hairs removed by epilators are one of the most common issues women have to deal with. Even after several passes, it can be hard to get rid of them. So in addition to the help you get from the wipes, this model also has SoftLift tips to lift up flat hairs and guide them to the tweezers – which then pull them out.
The smartlight illuminates fine hair, making it a breeze to locate them and get rid of them.
And with two speed settings – the lower for gentler hair removal and the higher for high efficiency, the process only gets a lot easier. If you find the device is missing some hairs, change the speed setting and you should be able to get them as well.
What’s more – the high frequency massage feature serves to make the epilation process a lot more comfortable as it stimulates and soothes the skin.
Perhaps the best thing about this model is that in addition to all of these features, this is also a wet and dry epilator. So you can use it while in the shower, reducing discomfort to a bare minimum. Warm water has been shown to relax and soothe the skin, improving micro circulation, making your skin a lot less sensitive to pain. Which is why you will experience a lot less discomfort when you are epilating while taking a warm shower.Pros:

Wet and dry epilator: You can use it in the shower for a less painful experience.

Dual speed: Two speed setting should be sufficient for most people, but not including people with really thick, coarse hair.

Operating voltage range 110V to 240V : Make it so very convenient to use this just about any place you want to. You can go to any continent and plug it in without worrying about adapters.

Attachments: Comes with 5 attachments, each for a different area of your body.

Pre epilation wipes: Make hair softer, lifts flat lying hairs – making it easier for the tweezers to get them.

Smartlight: Illuminates even fine hair, making it less likely that you may miss them.

Pivoting head: Makes it easier to maneuver over the natural contours of the body.

Massage feature: Stimulates the skin, making the process a lot less painful.Cons:

Battery operated: Being battery operated, this may lack the power required to remove coarse, thick hair. And when you require to epilate large areas with relatively more hair – like the legs, it may not be possible to complete the job on a single charge.

40 tweezers : Good enough for most people, but if you have thicker, coarser hair 40 tweezers may not be sufficient. You would need a model with perhaps 72 tweezers.Verdict :

This is perhaps the best epilators suitable for most people. Just like it isn’t possible to make a pair of gloves that fit everyone, it’s also impossible to design one epilator that’s suitable for everyone. This one has a host of great features and chances are it’s perfect for you.