8 Interesting Tips About How To Reduce Epilation Pain

Epilation is surely a painful procedure and even thinking about it sends shiver all over the body. Well it is a nightmare for many and continues to be as there is no way to just limit the pain. We continue to epilate as we know that pain comes for sure with epilator because anything for lesser hair.

However, as stupid as it sounds it is true that you can reduce epilation pain just by using small tips. Epilators have been also touched by modern technology and they have become a lot lesser painful. There are even full time pain free epilators available in market. You can just be hair free at home and there is a lot more you can do to make it completely pleasant and even enjoyable.

Benefits of epilation

But if you are new to the epilator world, lets share tons of sheer benefits of this process.

  • Long lasting results and clean skin for weeks
  • Quick, easy and exactly accurate
  • Works with magic of tiny tweezers who carefully pluck out all the hair right from roots

Cause of pain in epilation

It basically has to do with the physical process of plucking hair from the root. When you pluck a hair from the root, the pain receptors in your skin activate and sends up the signals to brain which make you feel the pain.

Epilation top tips

The process can be painful though but as we just discussed, we are pro at the epilation process and we will give you the right tips you need to make this process much more pain free.

  1. Take a shower

You might not believe it but yes it works. It is a very tested tip, you can just take a shower before epilation as it opens up the pores and the hair plucking would become much easier. If you have wet and dry epilator your day is just saved because you can take the epilator with you during shower and remove all the unwanted hair very quickly and with very lesser pain.

  1. Exfoliation is a way to go

This is a step you should take before starting the epilation process. The dead cells will be removed which can help a lot in reducing the pain and maximizing plucking of ingrown hair. You should even exfoliate regularly if you have a constant problem of epilation.

There are many ways to exfoliate but using a glove or a simple scrub. Also putting up kosher salt in your shower gel and you are good to go because the salt exactly acts as exfoliating scrub. The second benefit of exfoliating is cleansing of skin which makes the skin way less oily and avoids the hair from flattening so the process becomes quicker and the risk of ingrown hair is reduced to a great extent.

  1. Hold on to the skin tightly

The skin must be hold on tightly while you epilate because the surface area expands and the hair erect even more. This gives a direct access to the ingrown hair and you can get out more hair in fewer passes which is great for reducing pain. It makes the process much easier. You can make even the underarm epilating pain free by stretching your arm above your head.

  1. Lather

It is also a great way to make the pain go away. It just acts as a shaving cream but it reduces the pain. Foaming a great amount of lather over the epilating area is a great way to minimize the pain and getting more out of the epilation process.

  1. Warm water helps

Warm water is a great way to reduce the pain. It actually opens up all the pours and makes the plucking easier while the pain is reduced to a great level. You can sit in a tub of warm water while doing the epilating or just shower under the warm water to get the hair out easily and more quickly. It also makes your skin breathe and relax to a great extent.

  1. Don’t stress up

Our breathing usually goes up and we stress a lot during the epilating process. It makes the process much more difficult, try to be relaxed and breath thoroughly during the epilating process. The pain also reduces with time which makes it much easier and quicker.

  1. Use some ice

Before doing epilating and after epilating, apply some ice to the area and the process will become easier and even relaxing. Ice numbs the pain receptors and you would not likely feel any pain. Using the ice after the epilating process makes the pain go away quickly and no redness will develop.

  1. Use some lotion

Once you’re done with epilation, quickly apply some lotion on the affected area so your skin is saved from any redness or any after pain that you might experience. It closes all the opened pores and even soothes your skin.

Some quick tips

  • Epilate after your period as skin is more sensitive which makes the process and easier and faster as well as pain free. Thus plan your epilating accordingly.
  • You can put on some music while epilating because it can distract your mind away from the pain.
  • You can also use Aloe Vera as it is great for the skin and might help in taking out the ingrown hair quickly.
  • Epilation is hard during the 1st and 2nd time but then you usually get used to it.
  • Use talcum powder while epilating your skin.
  • When you epilate start with epilating lower legs first.

Final words

These simple tips can reduce the pain of epilating to a great extent. Try to follow these tips to reduce the pain.

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