Braun has always been producing reliable products for its customers. It is a trusted brand and is known worldwide for its efficient technology and smart features incorporation. Braun recently launched yet another great product for ladies. Braun has answered to the very need of all the females by introducing the Braun silk-expert IPL epilator.
This product of Braun is one of its kind. It has the latest Silk-expert features the currently present fastest Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology as well as SensoAdapt technology, which is basically known for speaking your body language. It constantly adjusts according to your skin requirements and thus provides effective, efficient, safe and long lasting hair removal without having to spend hundreds of dollars on Salon. It is even reported to lessen the growth of hair after 4 weekly treatments. There’s significant reduction in growth of hair. The customers of this product have reported that they have seen noticeable results and within first 3 months the growth of hair is absolutely reduced. This epilator by Braun surely gives you the hair free and confident feeling.

How Does It Work?
the highly efficient SensoAdapt technology in the new Braun Silk expert constantly recognizes your skin tone and adjusts the device according to your skin while you use it. It basically generates gentle pulses of light, perfecting your skin to suit your needs.
The pulses of light generated by Braun Silk expert are optimized to focus on the melanin in the hair follicle which is right beneath the surface of your skin. The melanin is focused so it can absorb the light emitted by the device, when the light hits the melanin it absorbs the light and then transforms in to heat which eventually breaks the growth cycle of the hair. When you continue to use this epilator for few months, the hair growth becomes weaker, finer and of course lighter and eventually stop growing.
Basic Features of Braun Silk-expert IPL Features
SensoAdapt™ Technology

It comprehends your skin tone up to 80 times per second and then adjusts the light concentration to the exact one matching your skin. It also corrects the safety level between every pulse.

Fastest IPL technology

The product comprises the fastest IPL technology that is currently available, flashing every 0.9-1.9 seconds (considering this, you will only require 8 minutes to completely clean your legs).Sensitive modes

Sensitive modes

There are some areas of skin which are more sensitive than others, you can choose from Gliding Mode (for fast and efficient treatment) and Press and Release Mode (For sensitive and basically small areas, which are generally harder to access such as bikini line or even underarm). You can use the gentle mode which is perfect for sensitive areas, it is also perfect for first timers who just want to see the functioning of

There are some areas of skin which are more sensitive than others, you can choose from Gliding Mode (for fast and efficient treatment) and Press and Release Mode (For sensitive and basically small areas, which are generally harder to access such as bikini line or even underarm). You can use the gentle mode which is perfect for sensitive areas, it is also perfect for first timers who just want to see the functioning of device and aren’t comfortable with the fast mode.

Braun Silk-expert IPL mobile app

It wasn’t as cool before. This version of Braun has surely swooped in with a lot of cool features. This version comes with a mobile app which conveniently reminds you when you require your next treatment and it also offers a lot of cool tips and advices for getting the best results from the Braun Silk expert.

Built-in cable

This device is always ready to use with the built-in mains cable. Braun Silk expert IPL can be used anytime with maximum power and practically no battery interruptions. The lack of battery generally means that it is easier to handle and is more lightweight than any other IPL devices you might use at home.

No need of additional gelsThe IPL is just flawless and works excellent without the need for any additional equipment or just messy and greasy gels.

Long lasting

This device is quite efficient and has ability to produce 120,000 flashes. It means that if your use it only on the lower legs, underarm, bikini or face, the flashes will allow you to use the device for next 14 years. That’s quite a value for money.

Fast and precise treatments

The device is highly accurate and offers a quick and efficient treatment for even the larger areas such as legs. The integrated skin contact sensor makes sure that the small treatment areas like upper lips can also be cleaned with the exact precision.

Sonic Body Exfoliator

This package also offers you the ultimate Sonic Body Exfoliator which means you can enjoy the benefits of exfoliation and also get a clearer skin. Exfoliation is particularly important for hair removal as it helps in opening of pours and exposes ingrown hair as well. This is important for flawless epilation.

Why Braun Silk Expert?

• Its results start showing is four weeks as the hair growths lessens to a great extent,
• Braun’s new technology SensoAdapt modifies the IPL treatment particularly with your skin tone to make it suitable for your body and face treatment.
• It has the same technology as the professional salon IPL treatment, thus providing you salon comfort in your home.
• It is freakily fast and can treat legs within 8 minutes.
• It is recommended by experts and it offers a very gentle and virtually painless treatment.
• The IPL device has maximum powers for constantly great experience which is mainly painless.
• It is more effective than typical wax and laser treatments.

Is IPL right for you?

The good news is that Braun Silk-expert IPL is operative on light to average skin tones with hair extending from natural blonde to dark brown or black. The device is lesser effective on very blonde, red or silver hair where only small amount of melanin is present and it does not absorb light

Final Words
Braun Silk expert is the suitable option when it comes to buying the latest and efficient epilators. It is not only fast but it is efficient.

How to prevent ingrown hairs On legs

Ingrown hair are cause of a lot of problems for women. They are hard to remove and are very irritating to handle. The bitter truth is that all the common hair removal methods like shaving, epilating and even waxing is not going to demolish the ingrown hair most women experience. That’s just how it is.

The only methods which stop growth of ingrown hair growth are following.

  • Laser hair removal technique
  • Electrolysis

These are the two hair removal methods which permanently prevent the growth of ingrown hair on legs. However, I did some research and found that they aren’t the only solution. There are few simple tips that can help you prevent the ingrown hair without hassle. Let’s have a look and carefully follow the steps.

  1. Take help of tweezers

It is very helpful. Just right before you start to shave, wax or epilate, take a pair of clean tweezers and take out all the ingrown hair. You just need to take them out on surface and then remove it via proper epilating. It really helps in the further growth of these ingrown hair. You mustn’t pluck the hair directly from the roots as there may be a risk of infection.

The worst situation is that ingrown hair have gone too deep in your skin and you can’t take it out with a tweezer. You can just use a needle. Don’t be afraid, it really wouldn’t hurt, not a little and neither would it leave a scar.

You just grab the needle and poke the bump in which hair is hiding. It doesn’t require any skill, you just got to do it. However, one common measure is that needle must be sterile otherwise infection could occur.

This is the easiest process and the hair will come right out of its little hiding spot. If the hair has been inside the skin for a longer time, it’ll be even of a big size.

  1. Exfoliating is always good

Exfoliating basically means that you are getting rid of your skin’s dead cells. It is important to do it every time before you start shaving, waxing or epilating. You can also do it daily. It makes perfect sense that dead skin accumulates on the surface and they can’t grow past it and therefore, they curl back in to the dead skin, staying there.

  • Exfoliating glove

To start with, it is best that you start with an exfoliating glove. It is not very expensive and you can get rid of dead skin without causing harm to skin.  It is generally most preferred as it is not so harsh and does the work too.

It can be done every day because it isn’t too harsh for the skin and has a cleansing effect too. You can use moisturizer after you do the exfoliation so your skin doesn’t go dry.

Once you have done this, you can also go for the other one named physical exfoliation which includes exfoliation soaps that also contain many essential oils along with oatmeal, sugar and salt. These ingredients help to keep your skin hydrated. However they must not be used on daily basis because they can damage skin. You can however always go for scrubbing and facial as they are great ways too. If you want to do face exfoliation, you can use a face cleansing brush as it is really amazing too.

  • Easy do it yourself exfoliation

It is one of the simplest ways to exfoliate your skin. You can add a little kosher salt in your daily use shower gel and use it during shower. Rub it against your salt and your very own shower gel becomes the great exfoliator. It is quite simple too.

  • Chemical exfoliation

It is quite simple. When you talk about chemical exfoliation it literally only means that you are using the products which contain Alpha hydroxyl acids or salicylic acid.

You should use such items less frequently because they might cause irritation in your skin. However they are very effective exfoliation methods. Each of these products have specific instructions for use.

There is however some products in this category too, that can be used daily without any worry of damages. One such product is PFB vanish hair remover.

  1. Tips while shaving

The best technique for men when shaving is to shave with the grain. They should always shave in the direction of hair growth, if they wish to avoid the ingrown hair and this razor burns as well.

For women the best way is to shave opposite to the direction of hair growth without any worries your dull and slow blade can also cause hair to grow under the skin. The best technique is to change your razor frequently. It is an excellent shaving tip that will save you from a lot of trouble. Just don’t forget to exfoliate before shaving.

  1. Tips while epilating

There is a great belief that the kind of epilator you use can also effect the growth of inborn hair. There isn’t however a very strong connection between these two. The epilator with more tweezers like 72 tweezers have the ability to pluck out all the hair instead of cutting them. The ceramic tweezers are also strong and safe. Also a good option. You basically have to stop them from growing, keep them as less as possible.

What did you learn?

Well, let’s revise it. Exfoliation is the only best technique to get rid of the ingrown hair and stop them from growing more. You can do physical exfoliation or chemical exfoliation. The bottom line would be to stop them from growing and doing exfoliation on daily basis.

Top Facial Epilators 2016

Facial epilator in 2016 is different from the common epilator that you use for the rest of the body. Generally, these products are much more thin and fine that you can work in very sensitive areas and which require the utmost precision, as philtrum and eyebrows.

  • The 1st device in the world with a cleaning brush for the face and hair remover.
  • Epilator for the face: thin head for precise epilation, with 10 micro cracks to capture the finer hairs.
  • cleaning brush for the face: Gently deep cleanses thanks to micro-oscillations.Testa from dermatologists.Tested on sensitive skin. Suitable for everyday use.
  • Facial hair removal: smooth skin for up to four weeks.
  • Unless the epilator in its possession was not explicitly mentioned in the instructions or data sheets, the facial epilator must be purchased separately. The models that are used for the body, in fact, have a power and a range not suitable to face that could run into some problems.

    The epilator for the face are formed by very thin heads but efficient to properly remove unwanted hair from eyebrows, upper lip and chin also, the best facial epilators let you remove any hair of any length. The pain that is felt is such and which to that of the tweezers used by many women to fix the face and remove excess hair , it is definitely lower than that of waxing.

    There are models wet & dry , which can be used in the shower and cleaned under running water, meant for people who intend to use the facial epilator in shower, maybe, with attached mirror on the wall.

    Then there are the pulsed light epilators face it, exactly as for the treatment of the body, such as facial epilators work with light skin and dark hair, failing to give good results for people who have blond or white hair or skin very dark.
    As in the case of models IPL common, of course, the epilator for the face should not be used on tattoos (including tattooed eyebrows or permanent makeup), of the snows of any type and entity or scars.

    Comfort from the face of epilators is that really occupy very little space and can be used on any occasion, there are models that run on electricity, models that run on batteries.

    Depending on the shape of their eyebrows, some women prefer not to use these epilators to put them in order for fear of doing damage and ruin the whole thing.
    In fact, being very easy to handle and thin products , the epilator for the face can be used either to remove hairs that sometimes grow between the two tips of the eyebrows, is to thin a bit ‘the area below the eyebrow arch.

    The heads present supplied with common epilators, suitable for the face, they are very comfortable in case of last-minute needs.
    By purchasing an epilator designed specifically for facial care you can have more certainty, to be able to count on product specifically designed to work on very small portions and delicate.

    There are also epilators face that include, in addition to head to remove the hair, the one to exfoliate and cleanse your face from make-up and impurities from skin residues.
    They are very innovative and appreciated by all women, since being easy to handle and easy to wear with it, ensure that you always have the face in order even during trips of any duration.

    The best facial epilator

  • The 1st device in the world with a cleaning brush for the face and hair remover.
  • Epilator for the face: thin head for precise epilation, with 10 micro cracks to capture the finer hairs.
  • cleaning brush for the face: Gently deep cleanses thanks to micro oscillazioni.Testata from dermatologists.Tested on sensitive skin. Suitable for everyday use.
  • Facial hair removal: smooth skin for up to four weeks.
  • Does Epilator Increase Hair Growth

    Does epilator increase hair growth? A common question which would arise in mind when going to buy or using an epilator, the second question is about the side effects of an epilator using on the body. Epilator! is a product which can be used at sensitive body parts. So in this post, we are going to discuss that which  epilators is good for your skin of every body part as well as the epilator which has low side effects.

    Side Effects Of An Epilator

    To give our readers perfect advice we are also sharing some of the common cons of epilators.

    • Epilation is pricey method to remove unwanted hairs
    • If you have sensitive skin you can observe red rashes on your thighs after epilation but it will disappear on the same day.
    • If you are the beginner you have to face some pain because first you have to learn about how to epilate.
    • You can face swelling on sensitive body parts like face bikini area etc if your skin is extra sensitive.
    • Don’t be lazy when epilating as epilator can hurt your skin.
    • Charge Epilator before using.
    • Do not use an epilator when connected to electricity as it could be life risky.

    Top 3 Epilators Which Is Good For Your Body And Will Not Increase Hair Growth

    So now we are going to suggest you three best epilators which are good for your body as well as you would have no problem with these epilators. Using these epilators are safe as well as you would not face hair growth.

    Emjoi Ap-18 Emagine

    This is one of the best epilator, which I mention in the top post as I advise this great epilator to my readers because of its safety as well as its efficiency. You do not have to rotate it around your skin as it clean the skin in a single pass. This epilator is the most powerful epilator in the market as it has 72 tweezers.

    Remington EP 7080

    Another best available option for you is Remington EP 7080 which can clean the hair both in wet and dry condition. This product is cordless. You have to charge it before use, charging will take approximately 1 hour and its usage time is 40 minutes, 40 minutes is I think enough to clean all the body hair. This epilator is cordless with pivoting head and perfect angle cap.

    Philips Satinelle HP6401

    If you have a tight budget then this product is suitable for you. With the help of 21 tweezers, it will give you hair free skin for 2 weeks, it plucks the hair in a smooth way. It has efficiency cap as well as it has 2-speed system so you can adjust the speed according to the body part which you want to clean.

    Best Hair Removal Options For Women

    I am writing this post because every woman wants a hair removal method which is less painful, at affordable; price, keep hairs stay away for longer period of time as well as the method which is safe for your skin.


    Epilation is the fast growing method which preferred by women and I also recommend this top technique as once will feel less pain than other techniques as well as it keeps hair to regrow again for about 6 weeks. There are different types of epilators available in market, some of them are good sensitive body parts and some can be used on the whole body. Some of the good epilators I am sharing below.


    Shaving is an old technique used by women to remove hairs from different body parts. Shaving is better  option to remove hairs from legs and arms but one cannot use it on sensitive areas of the body. Shaving makes your hairs much thicker and the hairs will grow faster.


    Plucking is another option for hair removal but its effectiveness is very limited as one can use it at face and for eyebrows. If one has less amount of hairs at face then she can use plucker to remove unwanted hairs.

    Depilatory Creams

    Depilatory Creams are quite useful as it is cheaper than many other methods to remove hairs. You can remove hair from legs, arms, face as well as sensitive body parts like bikini area. But keep in mind when you are using this type of product that don’t keep the cream for longer period of time as its has many types of chemicals which can harm your skin.


    Waxing is my second preferable method to get rid of unwanted hairs as it is very cheap and effective with low side effects. If a woman has a sensitive skin then she might get rashes of waxing or may feel burning sensation after  Do not use waxing at bikini and other sensitive areas of the body.