How to prevent ingrown hairs On legs

Ingrown hair are cause of a lot of problems for women. They are hard to remove and are very irritating to handle. The bitter truth is that all the common hair removal methods like shaving, epilating and even waxing is not going to demolish the ingrown hair most women experience. That’s just how it is.

The only methods which stop growth of ingrown hair growth are following.

  • Laser hair removal technique
  • Electrolysis

These are the two hair removal methods which permanently prevent the growth of ingrown hair on legs. However, I did some research and found that they aren’t the only solution. There are few simple tips that can help you prevent the ingrown hair without hassle. Let’s have a look and carefully follow the steps.

  1. Take help of tweezers

It is very helpful. Just right before you start to shave, wax or epilate, take a pair of clean tweezers and take out all the ingrown hair. You just need to take them out on surface and then remove it via proper epilating. It really helps in the further growth of these ingrown hair. You mustn’t pluck the hair directly from the roots as there may be a risk of infection.

The worst situation is that ingrown hair have gone too deep in your skin and you can’t take it out with a tweezer. You can just use a needle. Don’t be afraid, it really wouldn’t hurt, not a little and neither would it leave a scar.

You just grab the needle and poke the bump in which hair is hiding. It doesn’t require any skill, you just got to do it. However, one common measure is that needle must be sterile otherwise infection could occur.

This is the easiest process and the hair will come right out of its little hiding spot. If the hair has been inside the skin for a longer time, it’ll be even of a big size.

  1. Exfoliating is always good

Exfoliating basically means that you are getting rid of your skin’s dead cells. It is important to do it every time before you start shaving, waxing or epilating. You can also do it daily. It makes perfect sense that dead skin accumulates on the surface and they can’t grow past it and therefore, they curl back in to the dead skin, staying there.

  • Exfoliating glove

To start with, it is best that you start with an exfoliating glove. It is not very expensive and you can get rid of dead skin without causing harm to skin.  It is generally most preferred as it is not so harsh and does the work too.

It can be done every day because it isn’t too harsh for the skin and has a cleansing effect too. You can use moisturizer after you do the exfoliation so your skin doesn’t go dry.

Once you have done this, you can also go for the other one named physical exfoliation which includes exfoliation soaps that also contain many essential oils along with oatmeal, sugar and salt. These ingredients help to keep your skin hydrated. However they must not be used on daily basis because they can damage skin. You can however always go for scrubbing and facial as they are great ways too. If you want to do face exfoliation, you can use a face cleansing brush as it is really amazing too.

  • Easy do it yourself exfoliation

It is one of the simplest ways to exfoliate your skin. You can add a little kosher salt in your daily use shower gel and use it during shower. Rub it against your salt and your very own shower gel becomes the great exfoliator. It is quite simple too.

  • Chemical exfoliation

It is quite simple. When you talk about chemical exfoliation it literally only means that you are using the products which contain Alpha hydroxyl acids or salicylic acid.

You should use such items less frequently because they might cause irritation in your skin. However they are very effective exfoliation methods. Each of these products have specific instructions for use.

There is however some products in this category too, that can be used daily without any worry of damages. One such product is PFB vanish hair remover.

  1. Tips while shaving

The best technique for men when shaving is to shave with the grain. They should always shave in the direction of hair growth, if they wish to avoid the ingrown hair and this razor burns as well.

For women the best way is to shave opposite to the direction of hair growth without any worries your dull and slow blade can also cause hair to grow under the skin. The best technique is to change your razor frequently. It is an excellent shaving tip that will save you from a lot of trouble. Just don’t forget to exfoliate before shaving.

  1. Tips while epilating

There is a great belief that the kind of epilator you use can also effect the growth of inborn hair. There isn’t however a very strong connection between these two. The epilator with more tweezers like 72 tweezers have the ability to pluck out all the hair instead of cutting them. The ceramic tweezers are also strong and safe. Also a good option. You basically have to stop them from growing, keep them as less as possible.

What did you learn?

Well, let’s revise it. Exfoliation is the only best technique to get rid of the ingrown hair and stop them from growing more. You can do physical exfoliation or chemical exfoliation. The bottom line would be to stop them from growing and doing exfoliation on daily basis.

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